Export Problem: No _vti_cnf Folder (Resolved)

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  • Hello. I thought I'd post this here first, because I don't think this is a Construct bug. I wondered if anyone else has had this problem:

    Yesterday I was exporting to My Web Sites folder and uploading Construct projects to my website with no problem at all. Today I started a new project that was just a simple animated image (to be used in Pode's iframe embedded in another page). When I exported and uploaded it, it didn't show up on my website. When I checked the folder, there was only an Image folder, but no _vti_cnf Folder. After re-exporting and creating some new test projects and exporting them, the same thing happened. I even tried exporting some old projects, and they also were missing the _vti_cnf Folder.

    The reason I don't think this is a Construct bug is because I updated my Construct to the latest stable version. I even updated my computer. Still nothing. I did a search in the forums, but no one else seems to have had this problem. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong in the exporting process, so I re-read the manual and tutorials. No--I'm doing it exactly the same way I always did: Clicking "Export Project", choosing "HTML.5 Website," choosing the file I want to export to and Standard png compression, then choosing Normal style and clicking Export.

    TIA for your help!

  • I just noticed that the metadata folder (_vti_cnf) is now missing from my other recent exported projects--projects I exported in the last two or three weeks--but it's still present in the older ones. I'm pretty sure the files were there before, because I was able to successfully upload them to my website. I'm afraid to make any more changes in my projects until I get this resolved. Not sure what I'm getting wrong. Is that folder something that's created by Construct, or is it created by my computer during the exporting process?

  • I've never seen or heard of this folder before. C2 doesn't create it. That seems to a be a FrontPage folder.

  • I've never seen or heard of this folder before. C2 doesn't create it. That seems to a be a FrontPage folder.

    You're right, it is. I just looked it up. Later it was used by Expression Web, which I stopped using about three weeks ago. That explains why the folder's not there. So I guess it's not a Construct export problem, but a Filezilla upload problem. I'm glad you mentioned that.

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  • Thanks, blackhornet. Your comment sent me in the right direction, and I resolved it. It was my bad: I was uploading to the wrong folder because I didn't take the time to learn how to use Filezilla correctly.

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