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  • Any chance you could create an export as a web widget for iBooks author? This would be an incredible addition to iBooks author. Imagine a full fledged game inside and iBook!

    Hype, the HTML 5 animation program, just started offering this support. Purple Animator does the same. Neither of those comes anywhere close to kind of interactivity Construct offers.

    Another great feature would be to support import from these HTML 5 animation programs as well.

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  • ctceismc : the export widget isn't very farfetched. But the "import HTML" isn't going to happen soon. For that, you need to parse HTML elements, and overlay them in front of C2's canvas, because C2, is, basically, a canvas only library (even when some plugins are writing HTML elements on top of that). A plugin maker can try that, but it's a huge job !

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