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  • Hello! We are a group of students who are doing multiple games

    But before publish it, we want preview in browser game and send it to the members of the group, but without using scirra arcade.

    We tried share it in dropbox with the tutorial and we have the same error...

    But when exporting the game puts us this message

    "Export games will not work Until You upload them"

    We have read many tutorials but didn�t get to upload it to the web, we want to know what you mean by "upload them"

    We have the license STANDARD, but do not know what could happen.

    We would be grateful if you help us ...

    Ashley HEEEELP XD

  • It means that it will not run locally - from your hard drive - after exporting. What kind of error you have on dropbox? All you have to do is in C2 export as html5. After that you have to upload that folder C2 created and put it in dropbox public folder.

    or you can export your game to awesomium, zip/rar it and send it to your friends.

  • The error is the next...

    Java Script Alert

    "Export games will not work Until You upload them"

    And in the dorpbox, the same error...

    We�re on the pc since yesterday T____T!

    Thank u!

  • Ohh. can you write step by step what you are doing from export to upload to dropbox?

    e?re on the pc since yesterday T____T!

    Welcome! :D

  • Thank u!

    Well we do this steps..

    1- export game on HTML web browser

    2- The folder C:\Users\Neo\Desktop\contruct vito-juego (the name of the file)\?ami (the name of the game)

    3-Get the public link in the public folder

    And get the error... T___T

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  • can you share that link?

    you can send me in PM if you don't want to share publicly.

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