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  • Hello Devs,

    just a suggestion. Would it be possible to add a functionality to upload a published game directly to an FTP-Directory in Construct2?

    At the moment, you need to export it locally into a HTML5 Website, heat up a ftp-client, connect to the server, upload everything by hand.

    Would be really nice to have everything in just one tool :)

    Yes, it is just a request for my lazyness, but would be great anyway ;)

  • I'd rather people just use separate FTP clients since implementing FTP can actually be rather difficult - notice many FTP clients have long and complicated lists of options, and internally they have to deal with many different types of server as well.

    Can't you just leave your FTP client running and drag-drop the exported files in to it?

  • Or write a batch job that you schedule to run every X seconds, check for new files in the "export" folder, and upload them automatically. Haven't done it myself, but it should work.

  • You could also export directly to a public folder on Dropbox, and it will get to work uploading everything as soon as the files are exported. Wait a moment and it should be live, without having to do anything.

  • was just an idea... I don't use dropbox at all, but I can live without this feature... would just be a nice to have ;)

  • What would be nice is if we could just get the canvas script pasted to the clipboard. No need for the index every time you export.

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  • Well, if you have a server host of yer own, You could make a web-folder? I used to do it, it works much in the same manner as Dropbox, just requires some configuration and a lil more time to set up.

  • Ubivis, I'd highly recommend Dropbox as a more modern, faster and easier alternative to FTP!

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