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  • Hold-on, Hold-on,

    I finally got excited I'll play with Construct2 on my favorite platform (Steam).

    I bought it and .... WTF?!

    Where is the export to Android button????

    Please don't tell me it's a limitation that noone informs you about.

    That in order to export to Android I'll have to buy the software from Scirra.com.

  • There is no native export to Android. You get HTML projects and you have to use services Like Crosswalk&Cordova etc

    [quote:3ehusgmr]noone informs you about

    You have one of the biggest community here, there is a lot of information about all the program nuance, The export issues to mobile platforms discussed countless times.

  • I said about a limitation noone informs about. Since there aren't such, I was mistaken.

    Plus it's not mentioned on Steam Store Page of Construct2.

  • Nagval333 actually, thank you...I did search the forums and all I saw about android export are complains.

    ...Soo close...Refunding incoming...

    Android, and simplicity was the main reason to choose Construct2...And I'm not even trying to sell my creations...I hope you upgrade the software to allow direct .APK export, and no slowdowns and fps issues soon.

  • You just need to be patient to read documentation and try to export using wrapper. Even wrapper still give best performance, just try by yourself. Steam give you 14 days money back, so no need to hurry.

  • Actually, Steam gives you 2 hours of gameplay / usage only. So if I dig into figuring out how this wrapping works. I'll lose a whole day. And there my money go down the drain of a software I won't use. I guess I'll just suck it up and learn to use Unity instead. I'll use Construct2free version to mock-up my ideas.

    Although, for that I could use also Stencyl, as it has no limitations on "lines of 'code'" or amount of assets and you'll export to web anyways. But the block-type programming might help you more with the actual Unity scripts.

  • You'll not lose a whole day or 2 hours just to try how good intel XDK is. You can try flapping bird template or other example template and export it using intel XDK, and you can close construct 2, how much minutes it takes? If you already bought and you don't even to try then you'll get nothing.

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  • To export to Android, you choose the "Cordova" option in the export dialog, which covers both iOS and Android. There's no dedicated icon for each, but that doesn't mean it doesn't support them. With Crosswalk Android export should work well on Android 4.1+, and you don't need it for Android 5.0+.

  • I've tested export with Crosswalk and "normal" Android using Intel XDK. Still Crosswalk performs much better on Android 5.0+ than the regular Android export. At least in my case.

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