Experiences on poor performance in CS2?

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  • Hi.

    I'm about to purchase CS2 because it is on Sale on Steam and looks like a good deal regarding the number of platforms we can develop for. But I was heard a lot about poor performance in CS2. How bad is it? Is this a real problem? Is there anybody here who had to stop development at some point because of poor performance? Is CS2 capable to power games using huge scenes and complex AI for example similar to Warcraft 2, Diablo 1, GTA 1?


  • Your target device/platform will likely determine most of your games capable performance.


    Diablo vs a Boss with 100 of minions will run smoother on a pc then on a mobile phone or web browser.

    The beauty in Construct 2 lays for me in the multi platform export :)

    Its like lord of the rings .... one to rule them all ^_^

  • Diablo 1?


    Every platform?


    The rest are 3d.

    The free version is... free, go download that.

  • The restrictions are very logical when you break down the target platform. C2 exports mostly to JS. You'll have the same limitations (download speed, scripting speed, etc...) Most laptop and desktop browsers can handle a large amount of stuff very easily. Even without implementing WebGl they can handle a lot. Mobile browsers, not so much. Tons of objects and particles will make mobile browsers crawl. But they weren't designed for game playing, they were designed for media consumption. CacoonJS and such will help with that and it speeds up the code a lot, but it still won't be as capable as native java and dalvik (or ART) nor machine code written in C for Android or Objective C on iOS.

    Depends on the tool for the job and your game you're trying to make. Keep your restrictions in mind. If you're doing mobile, keep it simple. If you notice, very few mobile games have tons and tons of detail anyway. There';s a reason for that. If you're doing desktop, keep in mind age range of hardware. I know my laptop can handle an awful lot of objects, collision calculations, particles, and everything else being thrown around on the screen. My friends 6 year old laptop with an old Cele and Intel GMA can handle most of that minus webGL stuff.

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  • Performance is not a problem. It's more about being careful and being diligent on performance for mobile. however C2 developers have the same limitations as a native Android or IOS. Think less more objects and clever use of good looking sprites that can look like multiple objects :D

    just be diligent. However there are few more problems that still need ironing out

    Collision uses a brute force mode. Which instead should use an qaudtree

    Sound on CocoonJS is a work in progress.

    CocoonJS has no memory managment. So your games need to be simple :(

    Can you do GTA 1 yes you can. But your going to need to look for a plugin to do the 3d rendering of the buildings.

  • There's still some issues, but he'll optimize things eventually (collisions, resolution etc.)

  • Thanks for all the answers.

    Looks like I was misunderstood the reviews on poor performance, maybe it was about mobile devices, it makes sense to keep games simple.

    The games I have mentioned is examples only for complexity and scale :)

    Yes, the cross platform export for one licence (and need to pay only one time) is very engaging and it features too. :)

    Thanks again.

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