Your Experience of Mobile Ad Fill With C2 + Cocoon

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  • MarketJS and are both good. Also, researching myself and emailing lots of gaming websites asking if they are interested in purchasing my games.

    Takes some leg work, but hopefully it pays off. Actually had a publisher contact me a few days about about non exclusive on all 4 of my games at once in a bundle deal :). It's very exciting! Keep at it.

  • Thanks again ArcadEd, I think I will give the publisher rout a try :)

  • that is horrible also i recommend the blackberry store due to the release of there new phone a pretty good chance to monetize before others try to take advantage of the store

  • ArcadEd That's good to here your game is doing well on iOS. Iv been thinking about getting a Mac mini but wasn't sure if the $600 investment would be worth it just to get my games on the iOS market.

    Ya, I guess getting my games on more platforms is going to be a necessity if I want to monetize.

    Are you using marketJS to find publishers? Or are there more companies like this out there?

    Sorry for asking so many questions. I have know problem developing games I just feel a little stuck right now on the marketing, and monetizing side of things.

    Wink Don't buy Mac Mini 2012, it has video defect, so you may be bothered with Apple Support to repair. Otherwise, it causes black out for your monitor.

  • I have mac mini 2012, i'm irritated

  • I haven't had an issue with my mini I bought last year, but I hardly use it.

  • I bought a 2009 mac mini with intel chip a year ago for around �80. I had to monkey around with it to get it to work with the new version of Xcode (as it won't accept Lion), but it all works just fine.

  • ...correction, it's a 2006 mac mini...

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  • Well since my last post here I have updated my game with CocoonJS's new MoPub JSON code:


        "ads": {

            "MoPub": {

                "iPad": {

                   "fullscreen": "iPad fullscreen Ad Unit Id",

                   "banner": "iPad banner Ad Unit Id"


                "iPhone": {

                   "fullscreen": "iPhone/iPod fullscreen Ad Unit Id",

                   "banner": "iPhone/iPad banner Ad Unit Id"


                "Android": {

                   "fullscreen": "Android fullscreen Ad Unit Id",

                   "banner": "Android banner Ad Unit Id"





    And I also released another game on the Google Play store.

    Now, with cocoonJS's new JSON code AdMob ad's don't even show up anymore even though I get reports saying they are. The only ad's that I can get to show up now are MoPub's If I enable them and even then there ad's only show up about once a day if that, and the ad's don't rotate anymore either. That and I was up to a wopping 26 cents of revenue yesterday, and MoPub set it back to 1 cent today. What a bunch of cheap bastards!

    So I tried InMobi ad's since AdMob is merging with Google Adsense, and I can't get a Adsense account. But the result was the same.

    I keep getting emails from InMobi now asking me why I haven't integrated there ad's with the games I have registered with them but I have, and I keep getting reports from MoPub saying how many impressions I get each day.

    Iv tried to get help from AdMob, and InMobi. They said it was MoPub's fault so I asked MoPub, and they said CocoonJS must not have there sdk properly integrated.


  • I have an adsense account, but i dont know how to integrate it on admob :/

    Actually I have 2 games in the marketplace but none of them are showing ads.

    In tests all was ok, but now nothing :(

    I really don't know how to monetize my games :(

    Hope someone will find a solution....

    Edit 16.3.2013:

    Another thing I discovered, In the past day I have a total of 10k requests and only 260 impressions and some clicks. I check the statistics for AdMob and there was 7k requests and 0 impressions? Isn't this strange? Someone had the same problem?


    I see that MoPub has support also for AdSense. Think we can use it?

  • I am goin got launch my game on google play

    After use extensions of cocoonjs and to connect with mopub & admos

    I can only see mopub test ads on my cell-phone.(some time i can see other ads also)

    But After clicking on the ads, nothing happens.

    Please help me....

  • Please, please let. How do you get the premium account of cocoonjs to insert Ads in games made ??with c2? I enrolled in MoPub, I connected my AdMob account + Api Key, but I can not move forward because there is no proper guidance!

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