Your Experience of Mobile Ad Fill With C2 + Cocoon

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  • ArcadEd I thought things might get better by preloading the ads, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference, it could be too early to judge yet though.

    Chimpy Joe Flea Face has a fill rate of 58.02% for the last 14 days. Galactic Fruit Wars, launched just a few days ago, is at 83.3%.

    As you say, Admob does a far better job, barely ever dropping below 98% fill.

    Cordova with some kind of direct canvas would be great, I totally agree!!

  • AndyWatson Have you made sure the Mopub marketplace is shut off for you apps?

    Also, I did go ahead and create some in house ads in mopub to direct traffic to my other apps, those help with the fill rate as well.

    I really wish cocoon would just offer direct support to admob and iads without the need for the cumbersome MoPub.

  • ArcadEd No, I haven't shut off marketplace, as I thought that would backfill any gaps and improve the fill rate. I'll switch it off and see what happens, thanks for the suggestion.

    I've been in contact with someone at ludei for a few weeks or so, to see whether they will provide direct support for the Admob sdk as an alternative to using MoPub, but so far no luck :-(

  • We compiled our last game Adam Asmaca with CocoonJS using MoPub. But we only usr AdMob network for better fill rate. For now, we got 3011 requests and 2993 impressions. Fill Rate: 99.40%

  • question for you guys. My ads are not popping up at all on the debug apk file that i launched on my phone for android. Do i have to compile and release it to the google play store for them to be viewable? As i cant view any test ads or anything in mines

  • From memory I think my ads show on the debug apk, though I've started to test with my own signed apk, so not 100% sure.

    An update on my fill rate. On my new game for Android, Galactic Fruit Wars, for the last 14 days I've had a 38.91% fill rate. 5,351 requests 2,082 impressions. Rubbish.

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  • hmm yea im not sure basically what i did was

    On start of layout--> Show banner ad top center

    for my intro page as well as my menu page cant seem to figure out why nothing is appearing for me

  • I only get test ads and live ads i dont receive on. They should really give us access to xcode and eclipse project. It would be easy to build in Revmob or TapforTap etc.

  • may i ask what kind of event you placed for your ads on construct 2?

  • I set mine up the same as you did:

    On start of layout--> Show banner ad top center

    I did this for all my games layouts.

    Your test ads should be viewable from the CocoonsJS launcher. One of the problems with MoPub seems to be is that ads most of the time don't appear for the first several minutes of game play. 2 to 5 minutes on the average but every once in a while they will appear right away.

    AndyWatson And I thought I was getting a bad fill rate. For the past 14 days my game Falling Fruit Frenzy has had 63.55% Fill Rate, 107 Requests, 68 Impressions, and only 4 clicks with $0.00 Revenue   <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    My game only has a total of 37 downloads two are mine. I guess the fewer people downloading, and playing your game the better your fill rate is.

    I guess I really don't understand how we are suppose to monetize our games if AdMob wont pay you for clicks <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> The AdMob ad unit, and MoPubs default banner is all I'm using for this game right now.

  • i will try that again ty

  • I'll share my reports from yesterday.

    I have 4 games total on the play store. 2 use CocoonJS/MoPub, 2 are built with phonegap and admob sdk

    All my mopub games have everything turned off in Mopub except for Admob Network.

    Kaplow - Mopub - 423 Active Insalls

    14 requests | 5 Impressions | 35% | Clicks 0 | Money 0

    Memory Match For Kids - MoPub - 166 Active Installs

    61 Requests | 23 Impressions | 37% | Clicks 0 | Money 0

    Let's Spell - Admob SDK - 34 active Installs

    11 Requests | 11 Impression | 100% | Clicks 2 | Money $0.01

    Word Search For Kids - Admob SDK - 4,353 Active Installs

    3319 Requests | 3319 Impressions | %100 | Clicks 50 | Money $1.86

    So yes, I am really hating mopub so much. Please CocoonJS ludei, add mopub support to CocoonJS without using mopub.

    Now to compare, 2 games on the Windows 8 using Microsoft advertising. Using Visual Studio to add MS Ad SDK, compile and upload to store.

    Let's Spell - 800 Installs | 1,454 Impressions - Money $1.85

    Word Search For Kids - 275 Installs | 569 Impressions - $0.78

  • ArcadEd It's looking like we might need a better businesses model for monetizing our games other than just ads. But how else can you compete with free?

    I know it's all in the numbers but if your a one person game studio there is just no time for marketing. That's a full time job on it's own.

    Thanks for sharing your info though.

  • Well for me it's just a combination of using all different avenues. My Word Search game is also on iOS for 99 cents and sells between 15-20 copies a day. All of these number about double on the weekends as well.

    I'm pretty excited about the numbers with Microsoft Advertising, hopefully that continues well.

    Then we have blackberry 10 coming.

    All of them have also increased over time as the games get more installs.

    Finally offer the games to publishers at non exclusive licenses. That is where I make most of my money right now and what makes the developing worth it.

  • ArcadEd That's good to here your game is doing well on iOS. Iv been thinking about getting a Mac mini but wasn't sure if the $600 investment would be worth it just to get my games on the iOS market.

    Ya, I guess getting my games on more platforms is going to be a necessity if I want to monetize.

    Are you using marketJS to find publishers? Or are there more companies like this out there?

    Sorry for asking so many questions. I have know problem developing games I just feel a little stuck right now on the marketing, and monetizing side of things.

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