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  • some user make this in the tutorial:


    the thing is are redirected to appjs.org

    and I make a litle test and are more faster than Chromium implemation

    the c2 team use for load exe's and appear if work for Linux and Mac

    they search for contribuitor for make more options in him aplication

    Please C2 team

    see that and try to integrate in Construct2 appear they use better chromium

  • Wow, really? So they support webgl, audio API and everything?

  • I'm not sure if i understand you correctly, but basically this is about "export to exe" for linux/mac.

    This is an addition that would complete all my needs! This would also streamline support of standalone versions of a game, and even open for channels like humblebundle for quality games.

  • The real question is: Is it better than Awesomium? From 's tests, it seems better apart from a cap of 30fps, which could easily be a v-sync issue or something of the sort.


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  • The best thing is work with linux and mac

    probably if C2 Team help they to improve that implementation

    of chromium then we have better fps and export to linux and mac

    And appear the source code are avalaible then not need to make

    a agrement with awesomium

    Then probably is easy to make changes like desactive the Vsync

  • App.JS fails to run the Rain Demo at all, it just shows a blank screen.

    I'm not convinced it uses GPU acceleration yet, since Kiyoshi's post in another thread suggested WebGL was running with the Swiftshader software renderer.

    Overall it looks like it's some way behind Awesomium - it's buggier and probably a lot slower. We're still focused on getting Awesomium working smoothly, this does not look like a compelling alternative yet.

  • This may just be me, but this looks a bit like people trying to bypass one of the main benefits of purchasing a license, which if nothing else, seems a little unethical to me.

  • I have the license of C2

    but the Awesomium not work in my system

    then can't really use for send games to any windows system

    I hope with the time both solution evolution and work better

    and support for linux and Mac

    I try to suggest appjs for make export better exe but appear

    not are too good at the moment

    sorry By my English

  • App.JS does not look like a compelling alternative yet.

    I looked at it myself last night (while the C2 servers went down)...

    It looks VERY early in the dev stages, and the reason I bought C2 is because of how polished and "stable" it seems. Please don't destabilize C2 by making early jumps onto something like AppJS.

    (And I am a Mac user, so I would want this Mac export, but not at the cost of stability of C2.)

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