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  • I've been using the free version of Construct 2 as a project for one of my college courses, but have come across a bit of a problem. When I try to create more events it tells me that I have exceeded the limits of the free version and can only use 100 events total. My event page seems to have about 40 events or so, so I'm not sure why I am receiving this. Does the free version take in to account the events from all of your projects combined or how does this work?

  • I think each variable, each include, each group, each sub event, etc.. count as one event, only commentaries does not count as that, If I am wrong, hope someone corrects me (you should be able to see the number of event at the bottom of the program)

  • There is an event-counter at the bottom of the C2 window. Add and delete stuff to see how that number changes.

  • I see the event counter, but it says that I have a total of 34. I'm not sure if the actions that pertain to each event also count towards this, but it seems like I'm still far away from 100.

    *edit* I've tried deleting different things to see how it change the event counter, but the only thing that reduces it is deleting whole events.

  • Perhaps it isn't incrementing properly, then. Variables count towards the event number, as I've experience, so perhaps count up a rough estimate and see how many events/vars you have versus how many it says you have?

    Actions don't/shouldn't count, either,

  • Are you trying to add more then 4 layers or 2 effects? Those are limitations of the free version as well.

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  • No, I'm aware of the effect and layer limitations. I have only one layer so far and 2 effects. As far as variables the only one that I have is a direction variable for my player and then the 34 events on my event sheet. I would post the capx if I knew how to!

  • Upload it to dropbox or a similar site and post the link to it.

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