[Example] How to create a Game Title Menu.

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  • Originally I had a long list of .Capx file examples, concerning different aspects of a game of which I wanted to create and provide for others to download. If reference to a previous "Simple Menu Screen" I had created. The plan was to create two more complex menus, the second more so than the first. In the end I've just created one due to time issues.

    An example of the Game Title Menu can be found in the arcade, go there by visiting the following link:

    Click Here!

    Also, I've provided a video overview of the different aspects of the .Capx file, this can be found here:

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    On top of this you can download the .Capx file from here:

    Click Here!

    All the best,


    **Update 06/12/2013:

    -Removed broken and redundant links.

  • Great Sapmle Great WebC2 Ezine

    Continue with that awesome work

  • Nice Ezine! Are you planning on expanding upon it?

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  • felixsg, thank you for your compliments. I will continue ;)

    sqiddster, I am indeed planning on continuing to expand the project and develop it further. I've had a few set back again time wise, hence the lack of content and resulting to bringing older tutorials, downloads forward. But after this weekend away and Christmas, I should get more time to add more content.

    On top of this, I still plan to pay others for articles/reviews etc... or allow authors to accept/recieve sponsorship/donations for any content they submit at the discretion of the reader. Currently, this feature is available but it doesn't discriminate between the authors, instead lumping any contributions into a single pot.

    I've temporarily removed the following heading: Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Games, Non-games, Q&A, Feedback, Plugins... until I create the relevant content.

    All the best,


    If successful, I'm hoping at some point to be able to fund, if only by a little some of the plugin development projects to help extend C2. As well as provide relevant game/app templates to those who need them. Amongst other things.

  • Thank's

    But the capx link is down

  • Hey, thank you for your comment. I've moved the download link here:


    The zip files contains several Capx files. However I have not had the time to update their C2 version to the current one, so you may need to edit some of the events. However, comments are provided in the the Capx files.



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