Event Sheets Corrupted, Is there any way to fix?

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  • Hi! I recently opened Construct 2 to find myself having some issues. I later discovered that a lot of my project files had suddenly been lost or corrupted. While I can save things like images and sounds, the event sheets seem to have suddenly been replaced with that looks like to mostly be nonsense. Here are some examples to show what I mean: [Google Drive]

    Is there any way this can be resolved? I don't want a game that I have worked on for about 3 years to have been destroyed by some odd issue. I have a rather recent export, but I don't think that can be turned back into a CAPX/CAPROJ... can it?

    Literally anything would help, again I really don't want to have lost 3 years of work... is there anything I can do? Or am I completely screwed? Thanks in advance.

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  • You worked on it for 3 years and don't have any spare capx or projects?

  • You worked on it for 3 years and don't have any spare capx or projects?

    They all got accidentally overwritten by older files somehow. I can't find any version that isn't either corrupted or somehow replaced by an older version. Even on my external hard drive.

  • Ahh that sucks bad, data loss is the worst.

    I'd suggest maybe trying software such as TestDisk or Recuva, perhaps you may get lucky in restoring something off of your main HDD or your external HDD.

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