Other than Event sheet programming option?

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  • Hi there,

    It might be strange, why someone want to write, code directly without using Event sheet solution. The story goes like this: I Finally have found a friend with a will to help me make games and he is a pretty good programmer with lot of experience. The thing is, that he found the event sheet slowing or limiting his work. He would prefer to write the code instead of using the drag and drop event sheet system.

    Is there a way or a workflow where he can code without using event sheet? Still Im a more art and graphics person thus total retard in terms of programming so I really love to work with event sheets and my friend want to code like he is used to.

    Im just finding the best way how we can work together. Did anybody have this problem before? Is there a solution to this situation?

    I hope I made my questions clear.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sure, there is a solution. If he is a good programmer, he can use a text editor and write pure JavaScript or he can try one of the many frameworks, like Phaser, PixiJS or MelonJS. In Construct 2 it is not possible, he could only use the SDK for make his own objects/plugins. In my opinion, you can work very fast in construct 2, if you know how to use it.

  • If your set on C2 then he should use the SDK and provide you with the plugins/behaviours. So your still working with events and the graphical IDE and he is coding.

    However if you don't use the IDE much and are just drawing. it's time to switch platforms.

    On a final note. I have been programmer for 15+ years and it's likely his real hurdle is culture shock of learning C2. I haven't come a cross a programmer yet that hasn't been slown down by the transition from programming X to doing Y with C2. However i can honestly say. Now that I'm familiar C2 a lot. I can build a working game code in 1/4 of a day compared to what I have to do using Unity.

    Following that. Your case isn't new. I hear this "my programmer friend is slow with C2 and wants to code. How can he code?" a few times a year.

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  • C2 is just a visual programming language. It only slows him down because he did not learn it. Otherwise it works and behaves almost like any other language complete with function variables loops and objects.

  • I had made plugins of C2 more than 2 years. It is "Other than Event sheet programming option".

  • Like others have said, the SDK is the way to go for your friend. It's extremely easy to learn, he'll be up an running in a few hours.

    It also forces him to carefully consider dependencies, and code is naturally modular from the start. I think he'll love it.

  • He just tried it and worked with event sheets for few hours, so maybe that is the problem.

    Anyway thank you guys for your time!

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