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  • A quick suggestion for future builds of construct2, With the Events and Layouts, in the Layouts you can move them up and down to put them in whatever order you choose by dragging the mouse, but in the events you cant. This is a big problem because when you have a lot of rooms for example you need them in a particular order for reference purposes which might coincide with the or your layout lists above.

    One of my games for example has 37 rooms x8 levels of each, so its kinda huge, and trying to find your layouts can be like a needle in a haystack. Even if you could somehow make commenting in the event section like you have in the main editor and also make them say bold and possibly put a colour option on comments this way at least you can slipt events into groups. Or Alternatively, if we could put events into groups like again you have the main editor this would be brilliant. Again even for now, just putting in moving and dragging like you can with the layout section with the mouse to your order would be great.

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  • Or Alternatively, if we could put events into groups ...

    You can make subfolders to better organize your event sheets

  • Oh thanks, I never realised there was subfolder option, yes that will fix the problem great.

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