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  • Hello all,

    I just started this C2 effort a couple hours ago, and I've got at least the bare basics. I have some very simple scripting background (python, php, js) so all of the concepts are at least familiar to me.

    I'm trying to make a simple framework for a game. Start on a title screen, click a "new game" button, get sent to a level select screen, click the level button, and get sent to the level.

    Pretty simple, but what I've discovered so far is that if I create a layout and event sheet at the same time that event sheet seems to only work for that specific layout. But I can't find any setting or property showing which event sheet is associated with which layout. As a (non)functional example: I create a layout (say it's called Level1Layout) and event sheet (esLevel1) at the same time. I can create an event on esLevel1 that works, but if I add that same event for the button onto my title screen event sheet, the button does not work.

    Am I missing something big, or is this just the program design?

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  • Hey mate,

    When you create a new layout you have the choice to link it to an existing event sheet or make a new one for it. When you have the layout active, look on the left hand side at the properties panel and it will be under "Event sheet".

    When you are working in the event sheet, right click on an empty area and click on 'include event sheet' to link multiple sheets together.

    Oh and welcome by the way

  • I swear I looked for just such a thing, in that same place, and I didnt find it >.< but sure enough, I go where you say and it's there! I have full functionality as I was intending, thanks to your help. I appreciate your time!

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