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  • Hello guys,

    the little game I'm working on for weeks now is gradually advancing, everything is smooth but...I'm curious about one thing and I would like to have some informations. The project has only one event sheet for now, with almost 400 events organized by groups (sounds, animations, ennemies, movements, pick - throw - drop). It's not a problem.

    But for how long ? I'm maybe wrong, but using only one event sheet for a whole game seems...unbalanced. I know we can use several sheets and even use a sheet in another sheet, but I don't need to proceed like that for the moment (and I don't really know in which case it's useful by the way, I guess I'll find it by myself). So, the question is :

    Is it really possible to create a "complexe" game with only one event sheet ? And it's ok for the performances ?

    If the answer is "yes" I suppose it's absolutely not recommended, right ?

    I feel like it's a dumb question, but I need to know that, before continuing anything.

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  • I don't think it will matter performance wise. Organization wise, it seems like it's probably a good idea to have multiple event sheets once your project gets a certain size - it can help to compartmentalize things. Sounds like you're already doing that to some extent with groups which is a good practice.

  • after it has been exported, the number of event sheets is irrelevant.

    so your answer is yes, it is possible, and definitely not a good thing.

    however too many event sheets becomes unwieldy due to limitations in the C2 editor, which I believe is one of the things they plan on fixing in C3.

  • There is advantages and disadvantages. I think the answer is whatever you are comfortable with but I favour using a few long event sheets over lots of mini ones.

    Advantage : When using the search box you only have to search one sheet instead of many (when you are looking for a problem this comes in really handy).

    Disadvantage : Since you can't actually focus the editor on a particular event (unless you only use bookmarks for this purpose) you will find yourself having to do quite a lot of scrolling which gets more tedious the longer the event sheet is. This is because the search won't display subevents that don't include the search word.

  • My game only uses one layout as well! The Main layout event sheet currently has 1213 events and it's gonna have about 12 Events Sheets included within it.

    I have not noticed any performance issues but ooohhhh boy is organization becoming a bit of a drag.... I also try to place events in the most logical places, make sure my sprite are not very large, the events aren't too complicated, and I keep track of how much objects are or can be in the layout.

    So mainly. Organization is terrible, and the more I develop it, the more I have dreams of Construct 3.

  • Okay everyone, I have my answer now thanks to your own answers, thank you ! I'll continue to work on my current event Sheet and then create another one as long as the previous one...in brief :

    "favour using a few long event sheets over lots of mini ones."

    Noted ! And I'll be careful on the organization (as far as I can, at least). I see that you're waiting for Construct 3, I have absolutely no information about its features, seems to be interesting and promising. I'll check that latter.

    Thanks again !

  • "favour using a few long event sheets over lots of mini ones."

    I don't think that's the conclusion, though - as it has already been said :

    "the number of event sheets is irrelevant" [in terms of performance]

    so organise your events as you see fit, and prefer maintainability wherever possible. I personally prefer to work with lots of event sheets, 1 per gameplay entity or system (OOP-style). It also means that "searching" is trivial, as you always know where each bit of logic is. My latest finished platformer as ~2500 events, without any logic duplication, all spread across ~75 event sheets

  • My game has 9000 events just in one sheet (other 700 spread out in few other sheets) and i can guarantee it is irrelevant to the performance.

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