A 91 event full platformer game for everyone!

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  • Hi everyone,

    <img src="http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/brashmonkey/temp/skin_plat.jpg" border="0">

    I've created a simple 3 level platformer game complete with a boss at the end using just 91 events. This means even Construct2 Free edition users can not only load the game, but change things and add features and levels on top. I've also begun creating tutorial videos explaining how to replace the art and will soon even make videos explaining how to ?program? in other game play features. (see the link above)

    You can also try out the actual game here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/skin_platformer/

    PLEASE NOTE, the game engine requires that you install r99 (or later) which you can download HERE

    (For people like me who love pixel pushing, fear not, I'll show you how to make the game run in non-scaled, not filtered, pixel perfect mode.)

    To play, just use the arrow keys to walk and jump and the Z key to throw fireballs once you've collected the ?power-bean? .

    And for those interested in seeing how far you can take this engine with the full version of Construct2, please check out this really robust game thats being build on top of the same engine:


    Backers of just 55 dollars or more can get the entire fully featured game engine once the game is finished.

    I hope many people will find this useful.


  • EDIT: Disregard this message. the issue is fixed:

    Hi Everyone. Someone just pointed out I inadvertently saved out the project file from the latest version of the personal Edition of Construct2, so it wont load in the current version of the Free Edition.

    I'll fix this as soon as I can and report back.

  • I like it, the art reminds me a little of Gravity Guy somehow.

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  • Thanks, but remember, one of the points of this free engine is that you or can replace all art, music, level designs etc to create your own game.

    I'm working on trying to fix it to work with the current free edition of Construct. If anyone knows a quick remedy for this issue, please let me know.



  • Would changing the version in the XML file work? Worth a try. Oh, and make sure you have a backup copy.

    If I recall, though, there were some significant changes between 95 and 99 that involved changing some properties... Might cause issues.

    Edit the .caproj file and fix this line:


    To 9500 or something, I think. Good luck!

    P.S.: If you manage to open it, do "save as" and save it as a brand new project that should deal with any artifacts from 99.

  • SOLUTION: just get the latest beta of the free version from:


    Instead of downloading r95

    enjoy :)

  • Well, that works, too :P

  • Thanks Mipey. Silly me, I forgot all betas were free Editions as well if the user does not have a serial number.

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