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  • Ashley

    Build (BETA)r131+

    I was hoping for a better way to Categorize my events rather than using comments, groups, different event sheet. When it comes to bigger projects, I always lost in my own events and end up using the search event bar. Bad news is, it brings out all the events with the key words. That's good if you're searching for a missing puzzle but for me i wanted to search for example my Player Movement events, i have to scroll to that area since if i type player in the search event bar, everything about the player will pop out. Just hope that the preference would remove the event background settings and make it a right-click change event background colour for this line of event only. Make some default colour for it with a few varieties of colour to choose from. Mainly light blue, red, yellow, etc. That way i could easily recognise groups of events using colours. makes easier and faster search on my events with colours :)

    Makes the event sheet look more elegant, organised and colourful! :D

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  • Ashley


    Well done and thank you! Scirra has done it again!! :D

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