Error within CocoonJS App Launcher

  • Hey guys,

    So I usually use the CocoonJS App Launcher to test my game. I select the CocoonJS export option, acquire the ZIP folder and put it on my phone. Then I put it on my phone and launch it via Canvas+. Two days an "Uncompressing Error" occurs and this goes for all my files. I can't open any files, meaning I can't test my game at all. This is happening on Android Devices, as far as I've tested. Can anyone else test this case as well? Files are opening just fine, on iOS devices though.

    I am receiving assistance on this by Ludei on their website but I still think it's relevant to state this problem on here. Since I'm using Construct 2 for testing on the Launcher. So basically, I wanna see if this happens on other devices. Mostly Android but if you guys can test it on iOS devices and see if this error pops up, that'd be great. Of course with your own games, though.

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  • Please, provide the zip file. We can't reproduce it.

  • Please, provide the zip file. We can't reproduce it.

    Hey there, I'm going to PM you the ZIP via Dropbox. Since I do not want my game out there. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Also, here's an image of the error. It appears as soon as I press the Canvas+ button to launch it.

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