Error when trying to make a sprite

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  • Disclaimer: I am new to this

    So, whenever I create a Sprite, it opens up the texture editor(?)   When I go to save the image I made, it gives me an error: "Failed to save image to disk. Please make sure you have access to the filename." I went in, and checked the "Run as Administrator" option, and I am Admin on my computer. Can I get any help?

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  • If you don't save the image and just exit the sprite editor, do you see the sprite inside the layout view?

    Can you post your capx file?

  • My capx file is empty. If I close the editor without save the image, I get this:

    Error Loading Texture: "C:\Users\Quinn\Appdata\Local\Temp\c2-1CG33K\img1WUGWJOW.png" Failed to read image file data (2)

    This may indicate a corrupt PNG is in the project directory. The image will not be able to be displayed in the editor.

    I should also note that if I make a "tile.png" and save it in my project directory, I throws me the error. But, it also creates a "tile.png" in my dir, which is unreadable (using IrFanView) and has a 0 byte size.

  • Just a thought.

    Open your project.

    Create your sprite.

    Do your sprite edit in the image editor that comes up.

    Close but do not hit the "save" button/s.

    Save your project

    I'm wondering if the error coming up might be because the appropriate file place holder or directory hasn't been written. Keep in mind that any image editing done in C2 does not need be "saved" in the image editor. The 'save" in the image editor saves the image as an export away from C2 project. A personal back up of sorts and not part of the project.

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