Error when trying to preview in Visual Studio (Javascript)

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  • Hi! I upgraded to Win10 and downloaded r211 to use the new Win10 exporter. But when I try to test it in Visual Studio it Shows this error (before and after installing Java)

    Severity Code Description Project File Line

    Error "10.0.10240.0" is not a supported value for TargetPlatformVersion. Please change it on the Project Property page. xxxxx C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v14.0\JavaScript\Microsoft.VisualStudio.JavaScript.UAP.targets 64

    Any ideas how to fix this? The file does not have a fixed number in it, its a placeholder/variable.

      <Target Name="WwaUapChecks">
    	<CheckUAPVersions TargetPlatformVersion="$(TargetPlatformVersion)" TargetPlatformMinVersion="$(TargetPlatformMinVersion)" SDKIdentifier="$(SDKIdentifier)" SDKVersion="$(SDKVersion)" />
    PS: editing the manifest file does not seem to work like in the Version before, no window opens to Change the properties and only Code view is available
  • FYI:

    I managed to fix the non-access to the manifest file. After applying the following, the manifest opens as expected and is fully editable.

    Hope this helps. Probably should be added to the 'How to...' guide.



    In VS2015 Community, if you go to the following location as if creating a project, you will see a package listed and available for install. It was called 'Universal App Dev tools' or similar. Sorry, I should have taken a screen shot but rushed too much. If not installed, it will be the only option. I installed (long install) and manifest now works as expected.

  • Thanks for posting your issue. I wasted a couple days trying to figure out what I was missing until I stumbled upon your answer. Then it took me another 12 hours to download and install the missing components.

    What I did: Attempted to add a new project, then installed the Universal Windows Tools. Everything seems to be working as intended. I'll try to post back here if I get my app in the store.

    I'm using r216 and VS Community current as of today. And I agree with you, this should have been in the tutorial!

    Here's the picture you skipped.

  • This error had been annoying me for ages.

    Finally worked out a fix.

    Try downloading the previous windows 10 SDK from here: ... dk-archive

    All works for me now including the manifest, which created an error on the newer version.

  • A lot of dead links here. Anyone have an up to date solution?

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  • How to fix the problem....In Visual Studio, you have to right click on the JS file in the Solution Explorer, right click then go to Properties. A dialog box will be open where you can change the TargetPlatformVersion. Change it to Inherit from Parent, if that doesn't work after applying it, go back to the Properties and select the new version number created automatically.

    This should definitely fix the error.

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