Error trying to display leaderboard with Xbox Live

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  • I'm trying to incorporate Xbox live into my games in order to display leaderboards and i'm getting an error upon triggering 'get leaderboard' action.

    I've followed the Xbox tutorial provided and managed to test logging to Xbox live within my game, but that's as far as i've gotten as i'm getting issues after that.

    Sometimes that app just crashes and closes when triggering the leaderboard to display.

    I've installed the app on my desktop PC to test Xbox live.

    As anyone encountered this problem or managered to get Xbox live working correctly? I'd appriciate some help.


  • The message about throttling suggests you're spamming the API with constant requests and it's decided to stop you to prevent overloading the servers. I'd guess you've accidentally made an event that tries to load the leaderboard every tick, or something like that.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately it's still not working.

    I made a mistake in my original post, the error displayed shows up when i try to 'request profile info'. I tried using the trigger once and i still get that error message.

    If i try to display leaderboard, the app just closes, no error message.

    Here's my event to display leaderboard:

  • Why not just use "On touched" instead?

  • Ah, that was an oversight. I've changed it to 'On touched' but nothing has changed, still get the same issue.

  • Anyone else help with this issue? After multiple attempts, I've still had no luck even after I've associated the app with the store and passing the Windows app certification check.

    The Xbox Live does seem to initially work as it asks to sign in, but after signing in, XBL seems to stop working and crashed the app. So i don't know what the problem is, whether i'm missing something else.

    Has anyone managed to get Xbox Live working on their app?

  • Ashley

    So when testing the game through Visual Studio with Local Machine, if i try to open XBL Leaderboard, i get the following exception error:

    And the following is highlighted in c2runtime.js -

    h="Get leaderboard complete",


    I'm not too familiar with this but would this help in diagnosing my problem?

  • It's hard to help with such little information. All I can do is guess, and it sounds like you used a wrong parameter somewhere.

  • Ashley

    I've fixed the issue i was initally having with the Xbox Leaderboards and managed to get most of it working, but ran into another problem i was hoping you can help with.

    When displaying the leaderboard for Global, the sort order is from High to Low, which is what i want. However, when i switch to Friends or People, the sort order reverses and displays from Low to High instead.

    I've checked on the Microsoft Dev centre and the only option for sort order is set from High to Low. I contacted Microsoft support and suggested I ask here for answers as it's nothing on their side.

    I don't know what's causing this as the actions for Global, Friends and People are all the same. I found an example capx of yours that you posted here which i followed, so i don't know where the issue is.

    I can't find anything within the Xbox plugin, would you be able to provide any suggestions to fix this?


  • Again, it's hard to help with such little information. The best thing to do is make an example project and file a bug report following all the guidelines.

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  • Ashley

    I've created a bug report here. Hopefully there's a solution to this.

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