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  • Hi, i have a problem with construct,

    I have all sprites white. My graphic card is ATI mobility Fire GL V5250,

    with newer drivers for my graphic card.

    (Catalyst� Control Center Version     2007.0621.1715.28924)     

    <img src="" border="0" />

    and i have all projects in one folder.

    but still, it doesn't work for me.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    please help me, i will be very happy

    (Sory about my english, i don�t speak very well)

  • Wow, ATI. That's, like, ancient. You may really want to update drivers!

  • "GPU-28041: Information on AMD Mobility Radeon� Graphics Drivers for Microsoft� Windows�


    Last Updated


    Article Number


    The AMD Mobility Radeon� graphics driver supplied by the notebook manufacturer is customized for the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook. It is recommended to use the drivers provided by the notebook manufacturer."

    so i was at official lenovo support site and downloaded the "newer" drivers, but they was the same. (2007.0621.1715.28924)

  • 2007?! Argh! Those drivers are far too old to work well!

    You need to complain to Lenovo. This is a big problem with drivers - your laptop manufacturer is blocking you from getting the latest updates, and you need the update for Construct 2 to work.

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  • Ok, thanks for replying, i will start complaining.

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