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  • I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing this issue:

    This started with the latest beta version (beta r249). My capx files are saved to a local folder that is backed up on Google Drive.

    Periodically, when attempting to resave a project I get the error message:

    "Error saving project 'myProject' - the project has NOT been saved to disk. We applogise for any loss of work. You may want to report this issue to Scirra.

    Message: Failed to move .capx.tmp to .capx!"

    When I check the save folder I can see: myProject.capx.tmp and myProject.capx.backup1, but myProject.capx has vanished!

    The .tmp file is ticked as saved on Drive but the .backup1 file is still marked as syncing.

    I can save the project file as a new name fine, but usually at some point this same problem will arise and I'll have to resave under a new filename.

    I have plenty of space on Drive so I don't think that would be causing a problem.

    It works fine if I save outside of the Drive folder, but ideally I'd like to be able to keep the current save location to ensure everything is automatically backed up.

    Any suggestions on what could be the problem? If this isn't an isolated incident I'll try and create a minimum reproducible and log it as a bug.

    Edit: I'm running Windows 10 on a PC

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