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  • I keep getting a javascript error and can't figure out what is wrong.

    Is there any good tutorials that shows how to find these bugs/problems and how to fix them ?

  • Depends what you are doing

    You shouldn't have any errors on default plug ins or conditions if you are using them correctly

    A common one is not having the sprite you are calling not already in the layout at the start of the layout.

    All the sprites and other layout objects have to be in the layout at the start. YOu can then destroy them or re use them but they have to exist at the start.

    Other errors can crop up from not using arrays correctly or while loops etc, if you are using 3rd party plug ins then that is a whole different issue.

    You can post a pic or details maybe someone can help

    but basically if you read through the manual you should be able to use all the default plug ins and conditions without too much fuss.

  • Please give as much detail as possible - in this case, the error message is critical if you wish us to at least hazard a guess at your problem.

    The quickest way to a resolution is always to provide the .capx for us to check.

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  • Checking for errors in browsers otherwise will grant you access to the dev console in the browser and allows to get some further informations on what may be happening.

    Useful informations to provide as well, often has clues about what is going on.

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