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  • hi all

    I got this message after I had to import separate music file for m4a and ogg format. The files are there but construct 2(C2) is not recognising them.

    Background :

    I had purchased audio effect files that where formated in ogg and using audacity i resaved them as wave file to import to C2. C2 could covert the new created wave files into ogg formats, so I imported separate m4a and ogg files.

    I believe that this is the cause of the issue.

    Do anyone have any advise on how to covert ogg audio into wave files that c2 will import and successfully covert them to m4a and ogg formats?

    Many thanks

  • use audacity which is a free software and just open the audio files in it and then export it as wav files

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  • HI Sethmaster

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I did use audacity to convert the original .ogg files to a wav files and imported them, but for some reason C2 could only create M4a file from wav files created in audacity.

    I am testing different wav file export settings to find one that C2 would like.

    By the way your game looks awesome, maybe someday i will be good as you.

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