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  • Hi

    I dont know if an error is a bug but bug reporting system is too complicated for me ( go figure, its the way my brain does and does not work and visually I find the form hard to read) but the chrome browser on my android tablet said report the error.

    So I got the newest version of Construct yesterday and I am using two of rex's plugings, TouchMouse and MoveTo,

    The message was: cannot read property 'prototype' of........:50000/objrefs.js,line29(col19).

    Believe me you would not want this capx. I was/am having a problem with sound playing when first loaded and not when refreshed and text not working properly until I changed the font.

    I wont be offended if this is ignored, just trying to be helpful that's all.

    Also the same project is working just fine using Safari on ipad and Chrome on laptop.

  • angelicatoo

    If using non-standard plugins, you wouldn't be able to report it as a bug anyway, unfortunately.

    Do you sill get the issue when not using the Rex plugins?

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  • Its not worth removing them to find out, I need them to make my project work and now I updated the chrome browser on the android tablet I havent had the message again.... its only because I dont know regular computer programming so I dont know what is useful to report and what is not. I just thought that its worth mentioning incase it meant anything to anyone, if you know what I mean. Tell me if this sort of error message is not worth passing on so I wont do it again.

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