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  • Hi there. We're making a Christmas Calender for HTML5 with 24 tiny games using your Wundermachine, Construct2. But one of my friends get some strange gradient color boxes on the screen when testing my latest, unfinished game. Looks like some kind of debug mode? I have exported the game using the deafault "minify script" and standard PNG recompression command.

    I can't get this error in any of my browsers (Chrome, IE9 and Firefox 13) but my friend gets all the colors in Firefox 16, but not in Chrome or IE9. We're both using fairly new Lenovo ThinkPads with Dell Screens. Windows 7.

    Here is a screengrab of the gradient color boxes thing: gradient-color-boxes

    Here is the original, unfinished game:katapult

    Anybody ever come across anything like this?

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  • You'll want to update your graphics card drivers!

  • Thanks. I have done that, and as I said, I don't get the error. But my friend does. And he's "just a user". I don't want to ask anyone who visit our site to update their graphic card drivers. So I'm looking for a solution, something I can change in the javascript maybe.


  • That is a worry. Thankfully I don't think this will affect too many people as I have not heard this complaint from any of 100,000 players.

  • It is definitely a graphics card issue. It is neither Construct 2's fault, nor the browser's: your graphics card vendor has bugs in their driver. You just have to update your driver, or if the latest version is still buggy, complain to them/demand a refund/buy a new graphics card, etc.

  • I get these boxes sometimes but never with C2. It happens on actual websites. It has been a while since I do not get it, so I am not sure if it's actually a bug with yer graphics card or something else. This is definitely not a C2 issue though.

  • It looks like a webGL issue in Firefox and Chrome. When "enable webGL" is off it works fine, and when it's on the bug occurs quite often, especially in Firefox.

    I had a similar problem with "Load image from URL", it often just showed a black box instead of the image when it was webGL enabled.

  • gerris - as I said earlier, it's neither a bug in Construct 2 nor in the browser. It's the graphics card driver that's at fault, so updating it might help.

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