Error during save and then deletes capx file

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  • Hi guys,

    I regularly experience an error when I save in R168, which results in my capx getting deleted. If I am working on a game for the night I normally get this issue at least once.

    To get around it I have to 'save as single file' and increment the file name to something like file2.capx.

    I thought I better write about it here to find out if it is a known issue, before creating a bug. I would expect it to be since its a pretty serious issue.

    Anybody else getting this? Is it a known issue?

  • Sounds like something an anti-virus would do. I suggest that you try disabling that or at least tell it to ignore your working folder.

    I've also had issues like this in the past where I've been working directly in a sychronised folder (cloud storage). If I save too frequently before the file has finished synching, I'd get errors trying to save. This happened specifically with Syncplicity, though - Dropbox doesn't have the same problem.

    Lastly, I'd suggest working with a project folder, instead of a capx. You'll probably notice improved save times, as well.

  • Also, make sure to set the autosave and autobackup options.

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  • GeometriX

    Nah, it's not my antivirus. However, I am using Google drive. So it could be the sync thing?

  • It's entirely possible. I'd say it's likely, even.

    Easy thing to test, though: run your project in an offline folder for an evening and see if the same thing happens.

    Changing to a project folder will probably help as well. A capx is a compressed version of a project folder, so it has to sync the whole thing every time, including all sprites and event sheets. If you work in an "expanded" version of this - a project folder - it'll only have to sync the individual files that are changed.

  • I found it also occurred on a project folder, which was also on Google drive. So I'll try it offline. Here is me hoping for a lazy backup system. :/


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