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  • Hi All,

    I am a student working on my project for uni. But I've got an issue.

    Last night I saved, then backed it up and turned off my PC. PC had a windows update and now I cannot open my file...

    I get errors saying:

    "Error Loading Project - Failed to Open Project.... (location)..

    Error Document Empty.

    The file maybe invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (projects are saved in XML format). "

    I looked up on previous posts on the forum and found that you can change both its Autosave or its backup to be a .capx file and that should work.

    But it does not - both give me the same error:

    "Failed to load .capx

    Unable to open (location of file) for unzipping"

    What do I do? I have a deadline soon, and my composer's deadline is tomorrow.... Slight meltdown.

    I have other backups from a few days ago but I don't have the time.

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