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  • I'm not really a big forum veteran so hopefully I'm not stepping on toes creating this topic, but some very basic searching around and couldn't find a good place to submit enhancement requests. So, in true enhancement request fashion I thought I'd throw one out there.

    I keep hitting a decent use case for some sort of CreateObject by name functionality. I am working on a level editor and have a name property on my objects but I still end up creating a big giant "select" with each line comparing object.name == "name x" then CreateObject.

    Just a thought... might not be possible.

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  • thought I'd follow that request up with a screencap an example i have from one of the tutorials. This is similar to how i'm doing my level editor too. You can see in the load function it gets a little crazy when creating each object by type. when it would be much cleaner to create the objects by naming conventions. If it's even possible


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