Which engine should i use?

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  • Been wanting to create a game for sometime now but i cant make up my mind about which engine to use... i have narrowed it down to construct 2, construct 3 or gamemaker studio 2. i been looking into tutorials at udemy for each engine for teaching me the basic haven't actually purchased any yet. Both construct 2 and construct 3 got what seem like good sized tutorial but game maker only have for tutorials for 1.4 which is quite different then 2.0 i have been playing around with! i plan on making the game for pc only i think... i dont mind Learning a Programming Language either. asking here i will probably get some biased answers towards construct but if its construct a newbie should use which one 2 or 3 or maybe even someone else have tried gamemaker studio 2 and a construct engine and can give me their preferance

  • Make a small project in each and choose for yourself.

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  • My humble opinions on this topic:

    • I like the event based visual programming much better than the node based GameMaker uses. So if you plan on developing with visual programming then I'd go for Construct 2/3, GDevelop or ClickTeam Fusion.
    • If you want to learn a programming language then I think you'll be better off with a language that is used elsewhere as well. So learning GML might not be the best choice. I'd go for Unreal Engine 4 (C++) or Unity 3D (C#) for that.

    This all depends on your current experience as a developer. If you are a beginner, then take alvarop advice and spend a few weeks developing a small project in each of the engines you are interested in to see which one fits your needs the most.

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