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  • So I was building my game with Ejecta, but I'm having issues, so I figured I'd see how things work so far with PhoneGap.

    My question is, how do we invoke the digital keyboard? With Ejecta, they had their own plugin that allowed me to do that, but PhoeGap appears to only have Game Centre, and that doesn't have a similar action.

    Am I missing something?

  • AnD4D I would probably forward you to Cranberrygame's plugins that are relatively easy to set up and use. They definitely worked for my iOS/Android app (including keyboard popping up).

    I think they were well worth the small amount of money for the whole bunch of them.

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  • $3 for something that I'll use once, and should already be in the software? Geez...

    I'm such a cheapskate

  • Haha well there are a lot of other really useful plugins that come in the package too though, if you plan on using Phonegap a lot then I see it being worthwhile..not so much if you still do Cocoonjs. I've actually gone back to CocoonJS after testing my game in Phonegap and the audio stuttering is really annoying.

  • I thought CocoonJS was pretty much finished with.

  • Canvas+ was not worth the effort, (they worked hard to redeem themselves, and are starting to communicate more) however webview+ does not rely on a weirdly custom made browser engine but on the webview, and perform well on iOS8 it seems.

    Basically you should not expect scirra to support any wrapper themselves, and cocoonJS are actually listening now so that may be worth a shot.

    I stick with the non wrapped multiplatform export that is the web so I cannot help further. Was just explaining the current situation as I see it.

  • Aphrodite - I agree. I released 2 games on Android using Cocoon, and I thought iOS would be just as easy, but when I got around to using it, Scirra stopped support. Same happened with Ejecta today. I have learned not to expect from Scirra, but I'd have thought text input would be a standard thing.

    Ejecta had it, and so does another exporter I use. I hope it gets added to the plugin. I imagine it's a simple addition.

  • PhoneGap is largely the same as a browser, so you can use the normal form controls like Text Box. (Form controls were one of the casualties of non-browser engines so those custom ways to bring up the keyboard were hacks to work around normal text boxes didn't work)

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