Enabling/Disabling ScrollTo on several objects

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  • Hi to All! And first of all sorry my english! ))

    I meet strange behavior with 2 objects that has ScrollTo Behaviour:

    In 1-st example at start both rectangles has ScrollTo Enabled but after 1.5 sec one of them deactivates ScrollTo, but camera continue to follow mid-point between two objects instead to switch to object with active ScrollTo.

    In 2-nd example another situation - at start both objects has deactivated ScrollTo, but after Activating ScrollTo on ONE object - camera start to follow point inbetween them!

    This is a bug or I dont understand something?

    Ohhh <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I can`t post links or attach files at this forum??? And how I can provide example files?

  • Put the CAPX in some kind of online file space.

    While you can't create a "link". You can still post the text URL. It's not hard for us to highlight,right click, goto.

  • no, text links also rejected, but! use this type of link without https://



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  • I have same problem!!!

    The ScrollTo

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