Empty Project file, corrupted backup file!

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  • Hi,

    I had this problem today morning. I saved everything before I close the app. But it asked me again if I want to save all the changes one more time after I clicked to close. And It said everything is ok and closed the app.

    But when I tried to open my project it didnt work. It gave an error about the proj file and suggested me to look into it in a text editor and said it is in XML format. When I went to project folder I saw that the project file is 0 Kb. So it is empty. I saw an other file called xxx.capx.backup

    I renamed the file and tried to load it and than I got an error which says error unzipping the file.

    I tried to look into it with winrar and there was only one folder called animations. Nothing else.

    I searched in the forum about this kind of problems and I saw a lot of complainings about it.

    Some of them are written around 2011 then 2012 and 2013. So obviously this problem has not been considered as a huge problem over the last years but actually It is!

    I have to start doing everything I have done from the beginning.

    It is not cool.

    Hope you will solve this problem in the new releases cause my code, my project has to be secured by the program that I created that project at the first place. Without no efforts and so on. But we have to be carefull about the program that we use to create the project and has to backup the files by ourselves! It is ironic.


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  • Really weird! I use Dropbox as a safety measure, and I highly recommend it. With Dropbox if something like this happens, you can right-click a file and see every old version it has, and download it. It's amazing.

  • I have my own SVN server but this is not the case. Using these kind of revision tools has a totally different logic behind. There are a lot of people around who had this problem at least once. It is not like writing something wrong or doing something wrong. It is something comes with the program itself. I have to protect my project against the program that I used to develope it. This is the weird part.

  • I remember having the same problem, buddy. I found out it was because I had clicked "Save" when I had no diskspace in C:/. It doesn't warn that it hasn't saved correctly or anything when I had low space remaining :( .

    I wonder if you had same problem with lack of diskspace?

  • I see, thank you for the description. I did not have the same but at least this looks like something they can improve and fix.

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