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  • I have not used Ejecta yet or Construct2 in a very long time. But something thats hand in other game engines are apps called loaders, where you can download a projects code and run it without having to build the project.

    Since Eject is a web browser at hear, how hard would it be to make a blank Ejects app that allows you to put in an IP & port to connect to the Construct2 preview server?

  • Ejecta is not a browser at it's heart. All Ejecta is, is an api wrapper and JS interpreter. Ejecta is no where near a browser.

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  • Are you saying it can not pull a page from an ip? I get it doesn't support, DIVS, FRAMES etc, but if it uses any sort of http protocol it would be able to load a page. If its not able to that's fine, but if it is the loader idea would be very useful.

  • I would love an Ejecta test platform. However it really only is a bridge interpreter. Some one may have done a mod, but not in it's base code can it pull and show games. So for now your going to have to Export, build, test. Rather than Push/Pull testing.

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