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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm at a loss here and hope someone else has had to deal with the problem I am having with Ejecta right now because CocoonJS just wasn't working for me. (This is for iOS).

    I have a game that at the opening of the game reads in a couple of JSON files into arrays. Now this works perfectly fine in CocoonJS, through the browser, everything possible EXCEPT Ejecta. It pretty much acts like either there wasn't data in the JSON files to read in OR I think it is adding in some weird characters to the text which makes it not read in the files correctly. But of course in the logs it doesn't really show any errors with it when it tries.

    I know I read somewhere on these forums that capitalization of the JSON files made a difference? I had tried that before to no avail but I will do that again to see.

    So my hope is that someone else could possibly know what would be causing this? Any help whatsoever would be fantastic.


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