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  • Ey there, I�ve a question about effects in layouts (or maybe, a suggestion for future releases).

    Is there any way of disabling effects for layouts when I�m working on the project? I mean, imagine I have a layout with 5 effects. I control them and their parameters via an eventsheet, but, in the layout editor, I see all of them enabled and combined, so I can�t see anything else than black shadows over more black shadows.

    Sorry if the explanation isn�t so clear, if so, tell me and I will try to explain it in another way.

    As always, thanks for all guys :).

  • You can temporarily disable WebGL in project properties. However this will also disable the effects in the game. I think we need to add a 'preview effects' option...

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  • Oh! That�s true! I forgot about that option! Thanks man, that makes my work much easier :D.

    I think, as you say, a "webgl preview" checkbox would be nice, but I think it�s very easy to work enabling and disabling webgl effects from project properties.

    In my case, I�ve tested my webgl effects, and some options will be available from game�s options menu, so, I don�t mind to have the effects disabled for now.

    Thanks! (and wow, that was fast response too :))

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