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  • Most actions in C2 I can do with keyboard, but using global and local variables I have to use mouse to select them in the combo box. I instinctively try to use keyboard but it doesn't work. It would save my RSI a ton if I could use keyboard and not have to move my hands around so much

  • I'm unsure whether you're talking about the event sheet or the properties editor so here you go :

    • in the event sheet, press enter to edit a higlighted value and then tab to navigate through the options.
    • in the properties panel, tab switches from the description column to the value, back and forth.

    It may not be the fastest keyboard ergonomy, but at least you can do pretty much any change using your keyboard only.



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  • The properties sheet.

    Tab + down arrow*n is not scalable to moderately complex games with many variables.

    It feels like it should work like the object type selection dialog that finds names containing the substring of the thing you type

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