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  • Since you are aiming for being more multi-platform by using a modular exporter system and starting with HTML5 (brilliant idea by the way downloading now), will you be porting the GUI over to other systems like Mac and Linux?

  • There are no plans to port the editor.

    Given how big a project is, there's plenty to do. I have lots of experience with Windows programming and UI, mostly from 0.x. The editor is the largest and most complex part of Construct 2, and it's a massive, massive timesaver to stick to one platform, and not have to learn a new framework, UI library or anything else - I can just use my existing experience. I don't have to keep stopping to learn the framework or getting stuck on problems I've never solved before, I can just work straightforwardly.

    I keep saying this but I'm only working part-time on this, and the fact is, because of that, every single piece of work absolutely must be looked at in terms of time it will take against the benefit of having the work done. A multiplatform editor would mean maybe double the workload, and only bring the user coverage up from 90% to 100%. Basically, I can't justify that. Sucks for Mac/Linux users but unfortunately I just have to optimise everything I do for the greatest return.

    C2 is still open source, so if it becomes popular, it's perfectly possible a parallel project could start to port the editor.

  • How about at least making it work properly under Wine? Currently, it runs fine, except for the sprite editing/handling.

    Qt is a fine multi-platform gui toolkit as well, maybe something to look at.. Then again, Gluon, a much more cross-platform friendly project uses it too and will be releasing soon; most probably a better thing to point people "unfortunate" enough to be using non MS platforms at.

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  • I don't see how it's my responsibility to get it working under Wine... if Wine is missing something that breaks Construct, isn't it the Wine developers who should fix that...?

  • The Sprite editor system seems to be /very/ windows specific; and thus a hard thing for the wine devs to implement. Is there a way to maybe do sprite selection with a file dialogue as a fallback?

    The wine devs would of course fix it themselves, but they usually focus on the most popular applications first.. Having a cross platform application could only help with popularity..

  • Ashley don't be so defensive no one said it was your responsibility to do anything.

    Something i posted before may help - having the ability to select what program opens when you edit a sprite?

  • I didn't mean to be defensive, it's just I don't want to end up in the situation where I'm doing a lot of work to get Wine compatibility or constraining the code to what Wine's idea of Windows is, rather than just writing the program itself. Becoming popular enough for Wine to notice us is another better solution!

    I guess Wine doesn't support the system 'edit' command, which is fair enough - it's an OS shell command. I think the best thing to do is just wait until there's a built in image editor.

  • Ah so you are actually planning a built in editor? Sweet

    Although just a thought - It would also work quite well if people could import a picture as a sprite (You have probably already got that on a todo list though).

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