Editing another project while exporting

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  • This is a bit of a feature request, inquiry ...

    Sometimes I find my self working on a couple projects at the same time.

    Or have multiple projects open for various reasons such as building exported packages for various platforms.

    Sometimes my capx's require minor adjustments or tweaks and when having edited those, I find myself watching the exporter ......

    Now, I could open another instance of construct 2, but I would prefer to keep working in the one application.

    What would be a nice feature is that when I press export in one opened project, that that project becomes locked and perhaps opens a dedicated exporting in progress tab for that project.

    Locked projects obviously can not be edited.

    But what would be nice if I could still open other projects or edit ones already open. (not locked)

    I would imagine if I try to export a second project, it would become queued for exporting once the other project has finished exporting.

    This would allow me to line up a couple exports too.

    Is this an odd request ? or would you just advise to open other instances of construct 2 ?

    Thoughts ?

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  • A command line version of the exporter might be a better option.

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