Edit with Eclipse for AD and localization?

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  • Hello! Thank you for reading this.

    I just finished developing my game. This will be submitted in Google Play, exported with CocoonJS.

    By the way, I want to edit my game in Eclipse to be localized in Korea. I want to show different sprite and mobile ad by country(using another company's ad code). But is it possible? How can I do this?

  • I want to know it too, anybody can help ?

  • As far as I know, if you are building the app with CocoonJS, there is no way to then go into Eclipse and edit it.

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  • Im not sure but you can try tutorial below to decompile your cocoonjs exported apk file.I've tried decompile cocoonjs apk with different way but i cant import souce to eclipse.Also maybe new cocoonjs built could be like phonegap.Ludei talked about it me few week ago so i wait new cocoonjs and features.


  • All

    I have the same problem. To make the game in 10 languages i have to upload to cocoonjs 10 times. This is time consuming if I do updates once in a while. I think the best solution is to have loaded at runtime a language file inside the project (from which to load specific words and sentences to specific text variables) -> compile to CocoonJS -> decompile the apk -> replace language file with localization language -> recompile, sign, zipalign and publish multiple apk's

    Never tried but will do in the future.

    Any other ideas ?

    [EDIT:] the "Browser" plugins has "language" property which gets the browser language. not sure if it works on mobile

    [2nd EDIT] just tested on CocoonJS launcher and I can confirm that it works. Changing language from Android Settings also display correct in cocoonjs launcher

    This is the code I used:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/139926126/Forums/scirra/language_test_cocoonjs.PNG" border="0" />

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