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  • Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if it is in plans to enhance the debugger and the whole load in browser thing.

    When working on a big project it's not uncommon to have to wait more than 15 seconds each time you reload the game to test and to debug.

    I was wondering if the guys from scirra have considered to make a better project load/debug way. Like only loading stuff that has been changed, or keep in cache the last object and to quickly compare if something was changed and recompile.

    Rather than reloading each time.

    Or even some sort of real time debugging.

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  • Well my largest game is about 300mb of assets. and find the time is fine so far. However RELOAD on the browser personally not the right way to retest the game. I found hitting reload may in fact just re-run the same version of the game. I find the first run can take a while. But then I continue to use the Play/Debug button as part of the IDE. I usually don't need to wait the same initial time. but that's for me and only at about 300mb of assets. Milage may vary.

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