i was just wondering if construct 2 export is using ECMAscript 6?

    if not do you have any plans into integrating the new/improved concepts that ecma 6 comes with?

    i've noticed that a lot of browsers (chrome and such) are implementing it and improving upon..

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    No, because there is generally not really any benefit to your games. There are one or two cherry-picked features that are used when supported if they might bring some kind of performance benefit, but ES6 features are in general just a bunch of useful tools for JS programmers. There is also a major downside that using the latest JS features will break compatibility with old browsers (such as IE9-11 and many old Android devices). That can be worked around using transpilers, but given they may impose a performance impact and can be a source of extremely difficult bugs, I'd rather just keep using ES5.

    It will not recommended to use ES6 with construct 2 export because using some features of Es6 the application become incompatible with order versions of Browsers.

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