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  • I think Construct is a fantastic 2D game dev system. I like every aspect of it. There is one area, however, that I wish could be made easier and that is, scripting access. In Unity, for example, scripting is added as a standalone script file that doesn't need manually inserting within the SDK code.

    I understand that Construct is primarily intended as a 'no code solution' but be able to add your own scripts easily wouldn't diminish this.

    Thank you

  • You can build your own plugins for Construct 2, using JavaScript programming language

  • If you use the search facility, you.ll find that this suggestion comes up regularly.

    There is the SDK for those who wish to expand functionality.

    Allowing script access would mean a major change and so will more than likely not happen for the foreseeable future - which is a good thing.

    There are more than enough scripting-based creation tools out there - C2 is not going to be another one, hoefully.

  • Been asked, been answered never going to happen.

    However we have been requesting modularity which would go tremendously farther than inside scripting. Although I don't disagree. Having IDE script modifications would be kinda nice, but honestly the behaviours are so robust most of the time it's not needed.

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  • The key word in my original post was 'easier'.

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