Which is easier to use Babylon or Q3D?

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  • So which is easier and which is just overall better?

    Is there another 3D program?

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  • I don't want to discourage you but I must say that nothing is easy about 3D, you will want to go with the one that is most documented despite what anyone recommends.

    I got into 3D about a year ago and am still learning about it, I never used either of the plugins you are asking about but I did spend 2 years working in C2 - C3 everyday and now use unity. Construct is a great 2D engine for web based games. Those plug-ins are great experiments and supporting the developers to play around with them is fine, but to look at them as an easy way to make 3D games would be a mistake.

    The point of Construct is to make scripting easy, when it comes to 3D games scripting will be the last of your concerns.

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