Dynamically change window size?

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  • So my game runs in 720p, which is fine for gameplay, but I really want to showcase my video cutscenes in 1080p. Any way to pull this off?


  • Tinimations - If you have your vector graphics then you can just make your release video 1080p even if your game is 720p. Just remake parts of your game that will be in your video as scenes by rescaling the graphics then put together as a video. Hope that helps.

    But if 1080p video quality isn't really a necessary then you can just stretch your 720p video cutscenes to 1080p.

  • Slight misunderstanding here. My *pre-rendered* cutscenes were made in 1080p, but I've had to downscale them for 720p to fit the game window. However I want to make the window size 1080p while the cutscenes are playing in order to show off all the juicy details, and then go back to 720 when it's back to gameplay.

    Can this be done?

  • can't you make different layouts have different resolutions? so maybe make a Layout at 1920x1080? and keep your gameplay at 1280x720

    btw has making your game in 720p helped performance?

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  • Tinimations - Sorry about that, I made a mistake. I agree with jobel 's suggestion on this one, you can just make the cutscenes on a separate layout with (1980px*1080px) size and rescale the layout/layers that will adjust to your window size. On Cutscene set your layout/layers scale to 0.6666666666666667 and change back the layout/layers scale to 1.0 on gameplay.

  • If the "window" size is 720p it doesn't matter how big the layout is. It's still only 1280x720 pixels that will be printed on screen.

    jobel Since Construct's performance was awful when I first started developing, I felt myself forced to use 720, so yes. Also due to how memory bloated big games become, I was forced to stay at 720 in order to not use waaay to much memory. Too late to fix it now.

  • Tinimations - Yes, you are half true. If your game video cutscene is 720p and the device screen is 720p then the video shown is 720p and if the video cutscene is 720p and the device screen is 360p then the video shown is 360p. If the video is 720p and the device screen is 1080p then the video will be stretched therefore losing video quality. Now in your case if you make your video 1080p and rescale the layout to fit it properly with the window size and in some case if the device screen is 1080p and your window size 720p but your video is 1080p even if you rescaled the layout then your video will not stretch therefore not lose quality but improve it. Videos are always rescaled to what your device's maximum playable size. I hope that clarifies it.

  • Wow it actually worked! Just popped on high quality fullscreen and it worked just like you said. This puts a great fear of mine to rest.

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