Duplicating Collision Polygon and Image Points

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  • Hi there!

    I'm new to Constructor 2 and I'm still learning all the stuff, but I find some things I find weird.

    I'm doing a kind of puppet toy with Constructor. I want to change the "clothes" by means of changing current animation frame. But, when I insert a new animation frame, all image points I use to adjust the different parts are lost.

    Am I the only one wanting to duplicate not only image but also image points and collision polygon?

  • I'm so stupid... The answer is: use the "Apply to all frames", guy!

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • I know you've already found a solution, but I would suggest using the 'pin' behaviour instead of changing animation frames... that way you could make multiple layers of 'clothing' in basically unlimited combination.

    Actually... now that makes me want to experiment with this idea for a customizable appearance for the player sprite in any game.

  • Thanks for the idea about using "pin".

    There is also something that annoys me: In my first approach to this, I used both "solid" and "physics", making solid some parts of body.

    But now I see that all objects with physics behaviour are "solid", unless you delete their collision polygon.

  • Indeed.

    You can learn more about the physic object in those two excellent tutorials: Physics: The basics and Physic: advanced.

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