Duplicate Layouts Bug?

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  • Not sure if this is a bug.

    I have a very large event sheet, which contains things for all other levels, and therefore when I need to create a new level, I just need to duplicate my layouts, and then change the objects.

    Now, this is fine, and has worked in the past as far as I am aware, but now, when I duplicate it, it's not copying correctly.

    My physics objects which I set up as immovable, suddenly revert to being moveable, and objects with the fade behaviour with the 'active at start' as "no" become "yes". I spent a while trying to figure out why certain objects were invisible.

    Now, is this a bug? It's easily fixable, but undesired, surely.

    Ashley - Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere, but I wasn't sure it was a bug. I also don't have a capx to upload, as it wouldn't look like anything.

  • If you ever think it's a bug, make a new project and try to reproduce it.

    If I make a new project, add two physics objects with different properties, then duplicate the layout, the objects on the duplicated layout preserve their same properties. So it looks like it's working fine. Perhaps there are some specific circumstances it doesn't work, but you need to be able to reproduce it in a new project so we know whether it's really a bug or not, and we can't generally fix bugs without that either.

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  • Ashley - Figured as much. I'm more than happy to send my project over to you, but I can't figure out how to narrow down what might be causing the issue. I do many many layers at the moment, around 19. Not sure if that's way too many. Can I PM the CAPX to you maybe?

    Also, it looks like I'm seeing another bug happening, which I can not figure out for the life of me.

    I've created an unlisted video for you or anyone else on here to have a look at and see what I'm doing wrong. The colour looks a little off, but I'm sure the content is viewable <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • By way, isolate a problem would take hours, know it because my last reports consumed more time to make the sample than doing games.

    But it's okay, everything is valid for the Cause!!!

    I had this issue on the past with Global objects, while transferring them to another layout, to make the old layout cleaner and set one place to organize all the sprites for the game (easy to manage).

    If it happen again, so, the desired file will be generated.

  • Also, just figured out how to replicate what I was doing. I missed a step out in my explanation I'm afraid. Stupid me!

    When I duplicate the level, I delete all the objects in the layout and reposition them. The only reason I duplicate is so that I retain the names of the layers.

    So when I reposition the sprites, they do not retain the object properties, I suppose. So I guess this isn't a bug... but it's pretty frustrating. If I create a wall sprite, give it the immovable physics in one layout, place it down, it remembers the behaviours applied to it, but not the settings, which means I have to remember to set them all back up as their correct settings. Fade on start set back to no, immovable set back to yes, etc. They default for some reason.


    Just duplicate, delete, and add the sprite again.

    Like I said, probs not a bug, just a bit of a pain... but the attached above video certainly has me stumped, and looks like it actually could be a bug.

  • Any thing you place on the screen get a UID, if you delete it, and it don't have a copy on any other layout, you'll lose all its properties.

    It's a logic of visual programming, also, you can cut a object and paste, you'll have their setup all right.

  • TELLES0808

    Yeah, I have a copy of each sprite on at least 1 layout, and each sprite on all of the layouts has the same settings. Maybe it's happening by design. Just erks me a little, lol.

    Have you watched the video? Any idea what's going on there?

  • That's not a bug, it's by design! If you delete it, it's gone. If you drag in a new object, it gets default properties. Solution: don't delete it!

  • Thanks ASHLEY. I'd prefer it the other way, where it recalls the status, so an immoveable wall is immovable by default once set, but to each their own. When I duplicate the layout, it's a lot quicker to CRTL-A delete everything and build from scratch, than pick and choose the elements I wish to keep. It's fine, I just have to remember to set things up each time. Not 100% sure what the benefit in having the settings revert to default each time is, but I'm sure there's something I'm not seeing.

    Any idea what's going on as shown in the video above?

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