Duplicate layout and Event sheet

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  • I think that would be better duplicate "Event sheet" together with the layout.

    Currently can duplicate just layout using same original Event sheet

    Lett me now about that!

  • Well, I would guess the goal would be to have one event sheet that controls both layouts -- that way you don't have to duplicate all that code.

    I may create a smaller version of my main layout, but all the same components will be there and I want it to function the exact same way, so I would only want one event sheet.

    If I make changes to the events, they would work in both layouts. COOL!

  • You should *never* duplicate an entire event sheet. Doubling up all your events will make it a nightmare to maintain them. Use includes instead!

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  • I know, but each layout in my project has a little different code.

    For standard commands I usoe "include" with all another codes.

    How I do it using just one Event sheet?

  • I am doubling layout 1 and remaking the another layouts. I think that better way!

  • Since what you're doing is not common and not recommended, you'd have to go the long route. Copy the Layout, create a new event page, and then copy the code from the old event page to the new one manually.

    There is probably a better way to do what you want however.

  • Actually, copying the events manually isn't what anyone would call hard.

    Click on the margin of the first event, (margin is next to the number)

    hold down shift and click the margin of that last one and hit copy.

    You now have the event sheet in the clipboard.


    Silly me, I didn't know the hot key worked.

    Control A will select all events, even faster.

  • I don't wanna copy the event sheet. I wanted duplicate when do it in the layout.

    But now I am using one event sheet for all layouts

    Many thanks

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